"The Land of the Twelve Churches"


The magazine for The Land of The Twelve Churches across our fifteen villages of Alvescot, Black Bourton, Bradwell Village, Broadwell, Broughton Poggs, Filkins, Grafton, Holwell, Kelmscott, Kencot, Langford, Little Faringdon, Radcot, Shilton, and Westwell...

All in the West Oxfordshire Cotswolds

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When worlds collide: watch the foxes, and badgers, and hares cavorting in Chris Hank's garden


Day 47 No 001 Life in lockdown

Lockdown Lens: nearly 400 photographs in and around our Land of The Twelve Churches from Giles Edwards


Online Services in The Land of The Twelve Churches

Harry & Margot in Lockdown: online content tends to disappear very quickly, so here gathered together for second viewing, or for those who missed them first time round, are the 25+ YouTube films made by Harry and Margot from mid March onwards


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St Peter's Church Filkins reopens in the Land of the Twelve Churches

Filkins and Broughton Poggs churches are open every day.

How did they do it? Visitor information and guidelines


Is God Real? In the Land of the Twelve Churches

Is God Real? If so, how real? If not, so what?

A debate from recent issues of PARISH PUMP


Cecil Rhodes at Oriel Collage in the Land of the Twelve Churches

Must Rhodes Fall? Should Rhodes Fall?

Our very own Donal Lowry takes a cogent view