This Time of Coronavirus

This page was written early in the pandemic, during late March and early April 2020, before we had any real idea what was unfolding. We only knew that it was something outside our experience, and probably outside our control. What a lot of water has flowed since then!

Holy Rood, Shilton: Happier times

Shilton Church font Benefice Shill Valley Broadshire Land of 12 churches


  It is generally the review of past events, and the calendar of future ones, that provides the framework around which is entwined the comment, and the reflection, and the photographs which all together make mags like Parish Pump.

  And then, suddenly, the world is a different place, and all the usual stuff is gone... Now, as our perspective changes, different things are (or, at least, seem) more important and we learn new things about our selves. The priorities and connections which seemed firmly fixed are loosened, while others are set with a new urgency. 

  Here is Jean Roberts, from Shilton, with some of her new experience of these extraordinary times:

  "Just a month ago when we were writing our contributions for the Parish Pump I am sure we had no idea the coronavirus would spread all over our country and in fact the world at such a pace.

  Everyone's life has changed completely but community life and care for each other has been overwhelming. We are all watching the news daily praising all the good work carried out by so many keyworkers and most of all the NHS.

  My niece is a Staff Nurse at Cheltenham Hospital and after Christmas embarked on a 'career break' for six months with another nursing friend but their adventure holiday obviously had to be curtailed.   They were enjoying a few days on Gili Islands when they knew they would have to return home.   It wasn't easy arranging the return journey.  A flight to Jakarta staying in the airport overnight, the following day a flight to Doha, Qatar and staying there overnight.  The last flight to Heathrow, bus to Reading and finally train to Kingham where a friend picked them up and took them to a holiday cottage for their isolation period.  Both girls are now very keen to get back to work.   My niece has let her house out so she is striving hard to find new accommodation.

  Our clergy team have done a brilliant job of sending messages and also recording services every week on the Benefice website.  Our thanks go out to Margot and Harry and their 'technical team'. Quite a learning curve for them I imagine.

  It is going to feel a strange Easter - no moving Good Friday service at church, no Egg Rolling etc and tea on Easter Saturday and no joyous Easter Sunday service. We shall have to try and find a recording of the hymn 'Jesus Christ has Risen Today' online and sing along with it. I have been looking at our church Easter Flower photographs from the last few years and have sent a picture of our church pulpit as part of my contribution.

  David has put together his Nature Notes and whilst walking our dog this morning (Good Friday) across the field from the church we were delighted to see a couple of swallows although another sighting was made earlier in the week.

  We received a 'birdie quiz' on line and hopefully our editor will have room to print it! Good Luck!

  Let us hope and pray that by the time the Pump is printed things will have improved with the number of confirmed cases and deaths significantly reduced.

  Stay safe and take great care."

Walking near Filkins Benefice Shill Valley Broadshire Land of 12 churches


... On the Eastleach road.

  'Lockdown Life' ain't so bad in such sunny, airy Cotswold splendour.

  Maybe less happy in a city high-rise.

  Lucky, privileged us.




Things we learn in

The Time of Coronavirus


Partying: April 2020

Andy Macer, Ian Jobling, Karen Todner (churchwarden) all of Broughton Poggs.

Clare Macer behind the camera.


Partying in the Time of Corona Partying in the Time of Corona Benefice Shill Valley Broadshire Land of 12 churches

Four lockdown groups in Filkins have so far Zoomed eight quizzes... Between us we have asked (and sometimes answered) 1060 questions!

I expect that we will end up either extra-erudite, or quizzed out of our minds.



Hercules in the Sculpture Garden at Cotswold Woollen Weavers Filkins in the Land of the 12 Churches



Here is Hercules in the sculpture garden at Cotswold Woollen Weavers. He's wearing the skin of the Nemean lion which he vanquished as one of his 12 labours.

Wouldn't it be good if he could find time for a 13th, and see off this pesky virus.



  It'll come again,

it'll surely come again...

Open Gardens in Shilton in 2018
The Benefice Choir Benefice Shill Valley Broadshire Land of 12 churches


  It'll come again,

it'll surely come again...