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The Womens Group in The Land of The Twelve Churches

The Women are back!

   There is once more a Women's Group (or should that be 'Ladies': one of those perennial questions!) in the Land of The Twelve Churches. 14 met for supper in Filkins Village Hall on 25th August. New members are welcomed, and more advnetures are planned...

   Read more HERE (page 21)

3rd October 2021

Colston Ladies' Tournament

   The 11th Ladies Charity Tournament took place at Colston Tennis Club in Broadwell on 3rd September. 

   Here are the terrific winners, Deborah Mackeller & Penny Beer, flanking the tournament supremo, Ann Cadogan)

   Read more HERE (page 38)

25th September 2021

The Colston Tennis Tournament in The Land of The Twelve Churches

Old Langford

   The Tinson family gather in September to remember the life of Aubrey Willis (Andy Tinson's brother) who had died earlier in 2021. Aubrey worked for Reading & Kirby, and helped lay the path at St Matthew's where the family are standing.

   Read more HERE (page 28)

18th September 2021

Recognition for Filkins Shop

   The High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Amanda Ponsonby, has announced awards for Alan and Barry Heath of Filkins Village Shop..

   Amanda said "the award should very much be seen as on behalf of the entire team involved with Filkins Community Shop: a true community enterprise that stuck to its post in a time of difficulty, and helped so many in so many ways."

   Congrats to all at Filkins Village Shop, and you can see the full story in the October & November issue of Parish Pump HERE. (Page 8 and 9.)

12th September 2021

Filkins Village Shop in The Land of The Twelve Churches

New Man at The Top

   This is Matthew Albrighton, the new headmaster at Burford School. Matthew, who was previously deputy headmaster at St Edward's School in Oxford, says he is happy so far... 

   "When you are new to the post of Headteacher and following in the footsteps of someone as impressive as Kathy Haig, it is safe to say you find yourself on somewhat of an emotional roller coaster.

Needless to say, the reputation of Burford School as a kind and nurturing community (the very reason I applied for the post), has been borne out, and the opening weeks have been an utter delight." 

   Parish Pump wishes all the best to Kathy as she leaves, and Matthew as he arrives...

4th September 2021

Towards the end of Summer '21

Mongrel Heart

Up the dog bounds to the window, baying

         like a basset his doleful, tearing sounds

             from the belly, as if mourning a dead king,

and now he’s howling like a beagle – yips, brays,

         gagging growls – and scratching the sill paintless,

              that’s how much he’s missed you, the two of you,

both of you, mother and daughter, my wife

         and child. All week he’s curled at my feet,

             warming himself and me watching more TV,

or wandered the lonely rooms, my dog shadow,

        who like a poodle now hops, amped-up windup

            maniac yo-yo with matted curls and snot nose

smearing the panes, having heard another car

           like yours taking its grinding turn down

               our block, or a school bus, or bird-squawk,

that’s how much he’s missed you, good dog,

         companion dog, dog-of-all-types, most excellent dog

             I told you once and for all we should never get.

David Baker

24th August 2021

The Joblings & Lulu in Filkins >>

The Joblings dog-walking in Filkins in The Land of the Twelve Churches
The Langford Beer Festival in the Land of The Twelve Churches

The Langford Beer Festival... Is back!

   Come along to the Langford Cricket Club Beer Festival on Sunday 29th August at Langford Cricket Ground.   From 12 noon 'til late. Lots to see, lots to do, and (of course!) lots of beers etc to taste and enjoy.

22nd August 2021

The Produce Show

   The annual Filkins Produce Show took place on 21st August... Congrats to the organisers and all who take part.

   The 'Tallet Cottage' entries being assembled before taking them (carefully!) to the Village Hall for the judging.

21st August 2021

The Filkins Produce Show in The Land of The Twelve Churches
The Land of The Twelve Churches: Reflections in the Landscape

... And talking of books...

   “... when Giles and I were having coffee one morning in Spring 2020 and talking about the pesky bug, and we fell to thinking about how best to conjure up a photographic record of the Time of Corona, it seemed almost inevitable that we would close in on those ubiquitous Titans, the churches, and consider them like old warships battling under sail through a terrible storm...”

The Land of The Twelve Churches

Reflections in the Landscape

in the Time of Corona 2020-2021

Over 100 especially commissioned photographs of our churches to reflect this strange year

£14.95 from Cotswold Woollen Weavers in Filkins

18th August 2021

The Filkins Bookclub choice

  Filkins Bookclub has been meeting every six weeks or so since the beginning of 2006. It has never sought to attract new members, and remains happy with its current full complement of 11.

   The latest book, chosen, read, and discussed by the club recently was... Daisy Jones & The Six.

   Entirely in the form of transcribed  imagined speech, and without any descriptive passages at all, DJ & the 6 nevertheless brings the rollicking life and times of a 60s/70s rock band very vividly to life.     

   "A truly unusual read, and highly recommended." RM

17th August 2021

Daisy Jones & The Six in The Land of the Twelve Churches

Excellent local pubs

   There are six excellent pubs in The Land of The Twelve Churches, in Alvescot, Black Bourton, Filkins, Langford, Kelmscott, and Shilton.

   This is The Bell in Langford.

   Deffo worth a detour!

15th August 2021

The Bell Langford in The Land of The Twelve Churches
May Sinclair in The Land of The Twelve Churches

More local literary fame!

   May Sinclair was the nom de plume of a fairly prolific, and somewhat hectic, author called Mary St Clair. She was a bit of a proto-feminist, and also first used the literary phrase 'stream of consciousness'.

   In the last chapter of her 1897 novel 'Audrey Craven', Sinclair introduces a character from Broughton Poggs. It's an unusual name, and I wonder if anyone knows why she hit upon Broughton Poggs?

   How do authors choose their place names?

   Here are excerpts from the last few paragraphs of her final chapter...

   It was Audrey's fate to be condemned by those whom she had most cared for. Ted and Vincent, Langley and Katherine, and lastly Mr. Flaxman Reed, they had all judged her—harshly, imperfectly, as human nature judges...

   ... Soon after her confession Audrey left town for the neighbourhood of Oxford. She may have perceived that London was too vast a stage for her slender performances; or she may have had some idea of following up a line slanting gently between the two paths pointed out to her by Langley Wyndham and Flaxman Reed, who had been the strongest forces in her life...

   ... It was about three years later that Mr. Langley Wyndham, looking over his 'Times' one morning, had the joy of reading the announcement of Miss Audrey Craven's marriage with Algernon Jackson, Esq., of Broughton Poggs, in the county of Oxfordshire.

   It was true. After all, Audrey had married a nonentity: it was the end of her long quest of the eminent and superlative. Mr. Jackson was certainly not an eminent person, and he was superlative only in so far as he passed for "the biggest bore in the county"; but he had the positive merit of being a gentleman, which in these days of a talented democracy amounts almost to genius...

   ... It is certainly the most incomprehensible. She may have loved Mr. Jackson. If she did not, she has never let him know it.

14th August 2021

How about a bargain?

   Wondering what to do on a Sunday morning?

   Why not head over to Alvescot, and pick up a bargain at the car-boot sale?

   Should be a good morning... And all pitch proceeds go to village causes.

   See you there!

13th August 2021

Where's there a Will?

   There are only about 235 copies of the rare First Folio collection of Shakespeare's plays, published in 1623, seven years after his death.

   Not surprisingly, a copy would now sell for at least $10 million. Not surprisingly, there's one in the Harry Ransom Centre in Texas... More surprisingly, it was once in a bookcase in Little Faringdon rectory! Local fame!

   It was inherited from his grandfather by Fulford Adams, who was vicar of Little Faringdon from 1864 to 1901. Later, Adams lived in Weston-sub-Edge, where he still had the book in 1915, for he wrote to a London book dealer: "Sir, I have no intention of selling my First Folio Shakespeare."

   But somehow or other it came into the Texas library around 1938.

A First Folio in The Land of the Twelve Churches

12th August 2021

The Kitchen Bell in Tetbury
The Kitchen Bell in Tetbury

O tempora! O mores!

   Nothing particularly to do with The Land of The Twelve Churches... This afternoon, Trish and I went for tea in Tetbury.

   By the church, is the side gate to a grand house. It has a bell with a plate reading 'Kitchen Bell'.

   How life changes.

8th August 2021

Book bound in Langford

   Langford telephone box has found a splendid new life...

   If this trend continues, soon we will associate these red boxes more with mini-libraries than with telephones!

30th July 2021

Langford mini library in The Land of The Twelve Churches
Langford Arts Festival in The Land of The Twelve Churches

Langford Arts Festival

Building on the huge success of the first festival, and despite the intervening Covid thingummy, Langford Arts Festival comes storming back.

 Throughout the village, throughout the weekend...


Do come: it's a great day out for everyone who likes Art

27th July 2021