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The Flood of 2007 in Shilton & around 

   On Thursday 19th July 2007, more than twice the average monthly rain fell on West Oxfordshire. The rain continued on Friday 20th, and by Saturday morning, the River Windrush in Witney was flowing at nearly 30 cubic metres per second, compared with the next highest total of 18.9 cubic metres per second in December 1979. Not surprisingly, there was extensive flooding in villages along the upper Windrush and its tributaries, and on other local river systems.

   No one then or since can quite agree on whether this was a one in 25 year event, or one in a hundred, or even more... But it does appear that there are no records of there ever having been a bigger weather-related flood in West Oxfordshire.

   Note on the film: Parish Pump was sent the film, and we do not know whence it came. If anyone can tell us, we will will very gladly give full acknowledgement.

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