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The Churchyard at St Peter's, Filkins

Churchyards are a great asset, but can also cause problems...

Huge interest in tracing ancestors brings increasing numbers of visitors to the churchyards in 'The Land of The Twelve Churches' (as to all churchyards everywhere), exactly as more safety guidance puts more responsibility on churchwardens and PCCs... For so many of the memorials and monuments are quietly, and sometimes dangerously, mouldering away.

A few years ago, the then churchwardens in Broughton Poggs and Filkins commissioned a 'first report' on the state of churchyard at St Peter's, Filkins with a view to starting a programme of repair over the next few years. The report suggestions concerning the ash plot have been largely put into effect.

Since it may be of interest to other churches, here is that report...

This report was compiled by Filkins Stone Company. If you wish to discuss it, please email HERE

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