Re-opening our churches

Stop Press! Almost all of last year's PCC resigned, or did not stand again, at the recent APCM (3rd October 2020), and Parish Pump understands that the newly elected churchwardens and PCC initially closed the two churches completely, but have since re-opened one of them for a few hours on Thursday mornings (9am to noon) and Sunday afternoons (noon to dusk). 


The churchwardens  of Broughton Poggs with Filkins would be happy to share their experience of preparing the risk assessment as well as the practical steps.

Contact Trish at:

   "We followed the Government Guidelines (published on 12th June), did the risk assessment, printed out the necessary signage, placed the sanitizer etc, worked out a cleaning schedule... Opened the church, and now follow the schedule, and daily monitor the situation."

Yes, it is possible safely to re-open a church...

St Peter's Filkins, and St Peter's Broughton Poggs re-opened on Sunday 14th June, and are open every day for private prayer and contemplation.

Everyone is welcome to visit either church.

   If you would like further information, please contact the two churchwardens in Broughton Poggs with Filkins:



   Here are the Guidelines which visitors to our two churches in Broughton Poggs with Filkins are asked to follow.

  They are based on the risk assessment which was carried out in line with the Government guidelines for re-opening churches issued on 12th June.

  Both church have been open every day since Sunday 14th June, and we have welcomed visitors both from this parish and elsewhere in the Benefice.

  Further information may be obtained from the two churchwardens at

  The Guidelines were amended in August to include the Government instruction to wear facemasks in the building (Paragraph B).

  Further information may be obtained from the two churchwardens at

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